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Transforming Lives Through Access to Higher Education

Through Verto and The Verto Fund, low-income particpants can attend and graduate from top colleges

College is a ticket to the middle class

A college degree adds $1M in extra earnings over a career. But college costs have grown 1200% since 1980, making college inaccessible to many students. College should lead to financial security, not a lifetime subscription to debt.

Which school a student attends is crucial

High-achieving, low-income students often attend community college, because they believe that they can't afford anything else. But community college graduation rates are only 14%, compared to 77% at selective colleges.

Study abroad alumni get better grades, jobs

Students who study abroad achieve higher grades, more career skills, and greater ability to work across cultures than students who do not. Verto and the Verto Fund make international education an accessible start to a 4-year degree.

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An $18,000 International Semester Accessible to Low-Income Students

How it Works

Verto offers all students a high-quality education at a smarter cost and an affordable path for low-income families. Your contribution will change the future trajectories of these students.

$9K Average Verto Grant

We offer sliding scale grants to low-income students, including $9,000 for students in the lowest income quartile.

$5.7K Promise Grant

Students in the lowest income quartile receive up to $5,750 in Pell/Stafford replacement grants per semester.

$3K Scholarship Donation

The Verto Fund will close the remaining gap for an estimated 500 students in 2022.

Donating to the Verto Fund

The Verto Fund accepts cash donations via wire transfer, EFT, securities, or check. All donations are 100% tax-deductible.

Every dollar you donate to the Verto Fund goes directly to student scholarships. No contributions will fund Verto operations or Verto Fund expenses.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who leads the Verto Fund?

    Learn about our Executive Director Michael Goldstein and our Verto Fund Board.

  • Do you need volunteers?

    Yes! We welcome volunteers to help us with career support and college persistence, as well as leaders to join our board. For more information, please contact Michael Goldstein.

  • Where can I learn more about students who received Verto Fund support?

    Meet Cassidy and Eryka, for whom Verto was a critical part of their foundational college education.

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